Presents a world class touring bike, The Tour de Fence. 

Tour de Fence blu. 

This photo of a complete bike is to show not only what it looks like ready to go, but it is to hopefully draw your attention to several unique features that are not obvious unless you really look

The frame separated at the S and S BTCS

The S and S BTCs allow a great world class tour bike to be transported in a much smaller package, 26"x26" to be precise. With the custom racks removed and the frame disassembled into the sections, the complicated problem of shipping is reduced into a few mechanical moves to prepare your bike to fit into a case and the opposite for assembly. Please note, this is not a compulsory fitting for these tour bikes. The coupler is an accessory that can be supplied for this convenience.

The custom front rack 

Its notable feature is the top bag stand, which the customer can specify the size and direction the platform sits, across the front or along the front (shown across). The other major factor in the low rider position is where the bag frame is situated. Note the bag sits further back behind the forks center. This utilizes the load to stabilize the steering. As the load hangs in the trail of the steering geometry, it acts like the keel on a boat. As a result, it doesn't cause wheel flop that most ahead mounted racks cause. This allows one to ride no hands with a full load. Note the support that comes around the back of the wheel.. This stabilizes the rack frame and also provides a mount for your fender eliminating other fender wires. It also has two screw mounts on the outside to mount a mud flap for further wet riding protection.... Neat eh ?

The rear rack 

The positioning of the rear rack, placed back further because of the 22" chain stays, allows the bags and load to be carried low (as shown). Note that the load is over or inside the bikes rear axle, no tail wagging the dog here. Stability on slow and high speed descents is the magic of this design. The custom rack, made for each bike, is removable. This is in keeping with the use of the S and S couplers, making it packable as well as transportable. Note the mid bar horizontal bag carrying tube. This also allows for the luggage to be mounted on top without the interference of the pannier bags entry.

Photos and text provided by the builder
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