Bilenky TwoNine (29" wheel) Mountain Bike

The case is a little bit bulged due to the large wheels

A comment from the owner of this TwoNine

The bikes are great. The new 29er is better than I had hoped. And I had high expectations based upon the Noršeaster you built for me. The fit is superb. The craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you. We had snow again this week, so I switched back to the bike I have set up with studded tires. I have put about two hundred miles on the new bike, though. The riding position, lightness of the handling and surprisingly great climbing have been wonderful to discover. This is a big bike. Reminds me a bit of being eight years old and riding my older brotheršs bike. Actually it is just the first mountain bike that really fits me. Now my "off the rack" production mountain bike feels puny. It bears repeating that the new 29er feels very light on the trail. You do nice work.
John Sahnow, cyclist and owner of this bike

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