Sampson Titanium Road Frame Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works

This comment was forwarded to S&S by Bilenky Cycle Works. "The job you did a couple of weeks ago "cutting" my Sampson Ti has turned out great. I flew it to Whidbey Island on the 9th and have ridden over 200 miles here. I am highly satisfied with the work, the way you accommodated my limited available time, and the convenience I now have to take the bike with me. Now if my knees will only hold up under the strain of the HILLS out here. I plan to get in touch with you on my return about a "cuting" job on my loaded touring bike (without, I promise, any rush being involved). Regards,"
Joe O'Connell, cyclist on a Sampson titanium road bike retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works.

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