Litespeed Titanium Road Bikes Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works

This photo of Clay and his bike was taken at the top of one of the TDF climbs...It was a great time! 

In response to an e-mail and photo sent to S&S by Clay saying that he was very happy with the retrofit results on two Litespeed road bikes, I asked what gave him the confidence to do two bikes at once and this was his response: "I didn't pursue this on a whim. I contacted several frame builders and spoke with a few cyclists with tandems about the strength of the couplings and the ride quality. Seeing that some very respected and well know frame builders use the couplings and additionally that they are extensively used on tandems, I couldn't go wrong. I figured that if the couplings were incorporated into a durable frame we would have great travel bikes. Your web site made the research much easier, listing many of the manufactures that sell bike with the couplings. 
I leave tomorrow for the first trip to Europe, hope to catch a stage or two of the Tour de France. Bikes packed up nicely...after a try or two. Thanks for the multiple packing references. 
I failed to mention that I have noticed no change in the ride quality since the couplings were installed. In my opinion that's the most important issue when considering a travel bike. Additionally, it takes about the same amount of time to prepare to ship as when we use our race bikes in a full size travel case."
Clay and Kay Clark currently serving at Ft Bragg, NC (on two Litespeed Classics retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works 2004)

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