Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot Tandem with S and S Couplings

Round the World At 10 mph  On A Tandem Bicycle

 "The couplers have been very useful. We took the bike to Austria for a month last Sept. It traveled well in one hard case and one soft case. The pics of Judee and me with our luggage is the bike and two army duffels. We plan to use the couplers to make the bike easier to throw on a bus or truck if we have to bail out on the road somewhere. Your couplers make traveling with a bike a lot easier. We have owned a Santana [traveled with a large hard case] and a Tandem Two'sDay (by Bike Friday) with two suitcases. The coupled bike was easier!"
Art and Judee Wickersham traveling around the world on their Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot tandem

Hi all. thought you all might like to see your equipment at work!! Art & Judee Wickersham

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