Co-Motion Sky Capp Tandem
Split for transporting in a Honda Odyssey

It takes about 2 minutes to undo 3 couplings and 3 cable splitters to completely split the bike.

The cable splitters are more visible in this close-up view.

This Honda Odyssey mini van holds 2 tandems and 4 people plus luggage for 4.

This is a great example of how S and S Couplings enable a full size Co-Motion Sky Capp tandem to fit inside a vehicle that it would otherwise not fit into. The front triangle was separated from the rear section (in front of the captains seat tube) by simply undoing 3 couplings and 3 cable splitters. The timing chain stays intact with the rear frame section. The process of splitting the frame took less than two minutes and requires only one tool. Leaving the front wheel on the fork made packing it in the car actually easier. The rear wheel is neatly tucked in behind the rear frame section. The vehicle is a Honda Odyssey mini van and with the seats in this configuration, an additional full size tandem (no couplings) will fit in the middle of the van between the center seats and the van will still seat 4 adults while leaving plenty of room for luggage.

More information on the Co-Motion Sky Capp now known as a Cappuccino Co-Pilot

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