Co-Motion Mocha Co-Pilot tandem

For even more versatility and travel-worthiness, we also build the Mocha in a Co-Pilot version, with the S&S Couplings. Shown with Ferarri Red paint and optional Avid Mechanical disk brake 

For many people, a tandem is a machine that must be capable of any job that comes along. That might be a honeymoon, the kid's first ride, a back-country tour or a leisurely bike-path stroll. When you find out what the Mocha is capable of, you might find yourselves thinking about a serious off-road adventure or even a tandem road race. We have designed our updated 26" wheeled Mocha tandem to make be the perfect answer for people who want the tandem equivalent of the Sport Utility Vehicle. 

Versatility is by far the biggest reason to consider making the Mocha your all purpose recreational vehicle. The smaller diameter of the rims makes 26" wheels amazingly strong, and the wide array of available tires makes them very appealing. You can ride on tires ranging from 1" to 2.2" wide, with no tread at all or aggressive trail-grabbing lugs. The Mocha is ready for dedicated off-road use or strictly road riding: you choose. The degree of specialization is flexible too. You can fit the Mocha with upright handlebars with mountain bike controls or use drop bars with road-style levers. 

If you're the kind of people who use your single mountain bikes for all kinds of riding, you'll love the Mocha. It's got the knockabout, user-friendly attitude and fitting advantages of a mountain bike, too. An extra-low top tube provides roomy stand-over clearance for smaller riders, and our wide variety of stems makes it easy to introduce your curious friends to the joy of tandeming. The Mocha's geometry compliments the handling theory that is Co-Motion's trademark: It responds to rider input without flinching or hesitation, giving you extra confidence to push yourselves just a little harder, and have a lot more fun! 

For an extra leg up on our competition, we build the Mocha with our exclusive Co-Motion designed tandem tubing. Special processing makes this triple-butted air-hardening tubing stronger after welding, for an amazing combination of low weight and unmatched reliability. The Mocha has everything you need to take it touring this weekend and time trialing next. Is this the Do-everything tandem you've dreamed of? You'll know when you try it. 

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