Co-Motion Co-Pilot Periscope Tandem

The Co-Pilot Option is available on the PeriScope, making a it our best value in a tandem you can pack into airline-checkable luggage. 
Due to the PeriScope's simplified, compact frame, only four S+S couplers are required, and packing is easier than ever.

Photos and text provided by Co-Motion Cycles

With its effortless telescoping adjustability it’s easy to see why we named our new family-style tandem the Periscope. Designed to accommodate people of all different sizes with fun and style, the Periscope is the perfect tandem for families on the go. 


The heart of the Periscope is our double seat mast system, which provides four times the range of adjustability of other tandems and accommodates riders from 3 ft. to over 6 ft. Think of the Periscope’s telescoping, precision stainless steel seat mast and quick-release double-clamping system as a seat post within a seat post that adjusts to fit virtually anyone. Fully adjustable front and rear stems further improve the scope of its sizing range. 

The Periscope’s simplified frame uses exceptionally large diameter, thin wall, double-butted cro-moly tubing. Designed around 26” wheels, the Periscope’s light and rigid compact frame supports the tall and the small with admirable performance. Safety, comfort and reliability never take a back seat to the design priorities of achieving exceptional stand-over clearance and user-friendly comfort. 

We haven’t cut any corners on the Periscope’s component selection. You’ll find top-quality, tandem-ready components on your Periscope that you expect from Co-Motion. 

The Co-Motion Periscope was designed with growing families in mind but performs outstandingly with virtually any combination of riders. Really. Take it on your club ride and then ride with your daughter to the local park. 

We’ve worked hard to develop the Periscope into the most adaptable tandem in the world. Imagine the possibilities with your kids, your spouse and your friends. A Co-Motion Periscope for your family represents your commitment to a healthy, inclusive lifestyle today and for years to come. 

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