Co-Motion Periscope Trident Convertible

Converts from a triplet to a tandem by removing the center section.

Shown here with the optional disc brake

With Co-Motion's PeriScope innovative telescoping seat mast system, it's easy to adjust the Trident for virtually any 3 people who want to ride! For families embracing cycling as part of their lifestyle, a triplet is an ideal way to include a child in family cycling adventures without resorting to a trailer or a babysitter! With your guidance, your child can ride with you safely and comfortably at your speed, while learning the importance of family teamwork and unity. 

The PeriScope Trident Convertible has incredible fitting capability for nearly every family. The Trident Convertible has the added ability to convert from triplet to tandem (double). If you’re uncertain that you want a full-time triplet, now you have the option of a triplet that can also serve as a tandem. 

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