Greenspeed GTO Touring Trike

This is the press release Greenspeed gave to RCN for No. 56

At Greenspeed we have been working hard to design and build a new model that will combine the best features of our GTR, GTS, and GTC trikes. The GTR touring trike has been our best selling trike, so we have taken that as basis, and lowered the seat, to give even better road holding and handling, by using the dropped main tube, normally only used on the GTS. However the ground clearance is still better than the GTS, due to a new low profile steering pivot. Many customers have liked the S&S coupled GTC "Suitcase" trikes, but some have wanted the longer GTR seats, and some have not liked paying the extra $750AU for the three S&S couplings. So the good news is the new trike will use only ONE S&S coupling, and will cost only $250AU more than the standard GTR, yet pack down just as far as the GTC with the short seat, and almost as far with the long seat. This will make it cost effective for even one shipping, by lowing the shipping cost to the USA from $700AU to $400AU.

This was the announcement Greenspeed gave to the HPV Mailing List

While I've had no problems sticking my GTR Touring trikes on car roofs, or on board planes when I've had to travel with them, we have had customers who would prefer to put them IN their small cars, and people who would sooner front the airport check in counter with suitcases, rather than a bulky trike. 

We've also had customers like Zach Kaplan, complain that the GTR does not corner at high speed as well as the GTS Sports Tourer. 

We've also had a few complaints about the $700AU necessary to air freight our trikes to the USA and Europe, due to the volume they occupy.

So, sitting beside me in the office, waiting to have it's photos taken in the morning, is the new Greenspeed GTO Touring Trike!

Last year when Paul Sims raced at the National HPV Challenge, in Canberra, he decided the best all round machine to use for the many different races, including the off road race, would be a lowered GTR trike, with just a nose cone fairing. So he built just that, and was rewarded with overall 1st place! 

The GTO is virtually this machine with the addition of one S&S Bicycle Torque Coupling, which enables it to be packed down into two suit cases with enough room for all your clothes as well.

We have used the dropped frame of the GTS to give even better road holding and handling than the GTR, yet retained the high backed seat of the popular GTR to give more comfort, than the short seat of the GTC.

And for those interested in speed, but who prefer the more upright seat of the GTR, I can tell you, that with the nose cone, you will be at least 5kph faster than with the bare GTR.

Perhaps the best news is the GTO is only $250AU more than the GTR...

So now you can have your cake and eat it! A touring trike with the performance of the GTS, the comfort of the GTR, and packing of the GTC.

Maybe now is the time to plan that holiday you've always promised yourself in exciting far off lands :-)

Happy riding!

Standard Specifications:

Wheelbase        38.4" (97 cm)
Track            31.5" (80 cm)
Width            34.6" (88 cm)
Length           71.5" (182 cm)
Height           27.6" (70 cm)
Wheels Alloy     20" x 1.75"
Spokes Sapim stainless steel
Tyres Tioga "Comp Pool" 90 psi slicks
Brakes Twin Sachs TOP 70mm Drums
Gears 72 speed - Sachs 3x8 + triple
Cranks Shimano RX 100 52/42/30
Rear Cluster Shimano HG 11,12,14,16,18,21,24,28.
Hub ratios 0.734, 1, 1.362
Gear Range 15 to 125 inches
Frame Cro Mo 4130 tubing
Seat Angle 40 or 35 degrees
Seat Height 10" (25 cm)
Leg length adjust. Telescopic boom
Steering Centre point Ackermann with
Inclined handle bars.
Ground clearance 4" (10 cm)
Weight  18kg
Standard fittings S&S Bicycle Torque Coupling, Rear mudguard, Rack, Mirror, Flag
Base Price  $4,650 Aust.
Hayes hydraulic disc brakes                       $900
Schlumpf "mountain-drive" two speed B/B           $600
(extra wide gear range with no front derailleur)
Shimano 105/XT 81 speed upgrade                   $300
Special Bunyip Recumbent Pannier Bags             $250
Union Lighting set (battery)                      $250
Front mudguards                                   $100
Cyclecomputer Sigma BC 800 (eight functions)       $75
Ride On brake cables (Gore-tex lined low friction) $60
2nd mirror                                         $30
Lightweight 20 x 1 1/8" wheels, (save 1kg)        $200

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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