Matte chrome plated S&S Coupled Marinoni
Retrofit by J. P. Weigle

My matte chrome plated S&S coupled Marinoni is the best travel bike I can imagine. The bike and couplings speak for themselves, but my addition of a matte chrome finish is extremely durable and very nice looking. . I’ve had the bike in 13 states, raced the Bermuda stage race, and I’m headed to the Canary Islands later this month...... I work as a Captain for a major airline and see just how rough bags are handled. I once saw my box bounce off a moving baggage cart! Ugh! Fortunately no damage. My other worst case is that the box was handled so hard that the press fit bearings in my front wheel were almost completely out of the hub! I’ll resist the urge to share stories any longer.
Name withheld

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