Rex Cycles mountain bike with Softride beam

Bike ready to ride

Part laid out ready to assemble

Parts in the suitcase

A comment from the owner, Pete MacRostie:

"I am 6'6" tall and have a long body. Needless to say, the largest standard mountain bikes don't fit me. I tried to rent a bike on vacation one year and it was a joke. The biggest bike for rent in Flagstaff was way too small. I had Steve Rex build a custom softride mountain bike in 1996 complete with two S and S couplings.
I go to visit friends in Idaho. We spend the whole trip mountain biking. I could not do it if I didn't have my own bike. With the couplings I merely pull apart the bike and put it in a suitcase. I don't even need a special case since I borrow wheels from my friends at my destination. I just check my extra suitcase. When I get to Boise it takes about 45 minutes to reassemble the bike. 
Your wonderful product gives people freedom....Freedom to have their faithful and trusted steed along for all of the rides!"
Pete MacRostie, cyclist, Folsom, Ca (Rex Cycles mountain bike)

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