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Rodriguez Custom Mountain / Touring Bike

Willie Weir and his S and S BTC equipped touring bike

Willie rode this bike on his 5 month adventure across the Balkan Mountains starting from Budapest.

A comment from Willie

"My girlfriend joined me after my swing through Bosnia so we were two cyclists on the road. Seven kilometers outside of Kukes, Albania on a lonely stretch of road, we were beaten and robbed. It was one of the more horrific moments of my life.

Our passports had been stolen and we needed to make it to the capitol city of Tirana to get new ones. The sons of the family that housed us the night before we were robbed had a mini-bus and offered to drive us there (5 hours by van).

As we began loading our bikes into the van, the older brother stopped us and explained that it would be impossible to take both bikes. One fit in well, but the other obscured the view out the rear window. He explained that the police would stop us, confiscate our bikes and we'd never see them again.

What were our options we asked. "You will have to go and risk hitching a ride with a large taxi, which will be very expensive and possibly dangerous as there are no regulations or requirements for drivers. I don't recommend it." We were stuck.

Then I remembered the S and S Couplings. I told the older brother to give me a few minutes. I reached for my tool bag and three minutes later my bike was folded in half and fit neatly in the back cargo area. I wish you could have seen the expression on all the faces of the family that watched the process.

The brothers drove us to Tirana without incident, we obtained new passports and finished our journey cycling down the Albania coast, ending in Greece.

Thanks Steve! Your amazing product got us out of an unforeseeable jam. I have shared this story with countless people and the S and S Couplings are still the first thing people ask about when they see my bike."

To read more about Willie's adventures, click here and follow the link labeled "Travels with Willie"

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