Seven Sola Mountain Bike

This was taken at Fairfield, the track on which the Olympics 2000 mountain bike race will be held. This particular section of trail is called the Cauldron, and I guess you could say it's pretty exciting.


This was taken in a rainforest reserve near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A section like this I would not attempt unless I had 100% confidence in the integrity of the equipment. Having ridden the BTC-equipped Sola for a year and half, and having examined the construction of the couplings, I believe that equipment integrity is not going to be a limiting factor!

 "I flew to Sydney in September last year to ride the S&S Sola on the Olympics 2000 MTB course. It was such a feeling of liberation being able to fly with one suitcase and a hand luggage. No wrestling with oversized cargo and no problems with taxis etc. Of course hotel staff always look more than a little amazed when I proceed to assemble the bike outside their lobbies."  
"By the way, I was riding in SoCal last week at the Aliso-Woods Canyon Park. Nice technical singletrack. I'm happy to say that the Seven rides no differently than my Obed, perhaps just a touch quicker and slightly stiffer in the rear triangle......."
Azizul  Adnan

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Photos of this bike in 2008 when it was  10 years old

Mountain biking the Sydney 2000 Olympic Course By Azizul Adnan

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