Simoncini Road, Columbus SL Tubes

my "new" frame

my "new" bike

an American/Italian/German collaboration, we/ll use US-tape on the next bike

BB-Shell with old varnishraw BB-ShellBB-Shell with new varnish
the bb-shell with Simoncini engraving

Top tube S&S Coupling and San Marco saddle

In 1993 my twin sister Ines and I were looking for new racebikes for us. At the IFMA-Exhibition in Cologne we met the Italian framebuilder Orlando Simoncini and his crew. They surveyed us at once and made a good offer. 8 weeks ago we received the bikes.
Now, 10 years and 20000km later I decided to equip the frame, which is in a good condition because it's total nickel protected, with S&S Couplings.
A friend of ours removed the old finish very carefully by bead blasting it. During our vacation in Italy, Simoncini installed the couplings and another friend did the paintjob in Germany. The finish is black/blue polyacryl, original from the Daimler/Chrysler-Factory in Bremen.
I'm very happy with my new S&S bicycle, it rides as good as before.

Katrin Kolbe, Berlin 2003

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