Ventana Full Suspension Mountain Tandem-Triplet-Quad-Quint

This was the original configuration of this tandem.  Later, it went back to Ventana for a frame modification (more frame sections)  so it could be assembled as a tandem, triplet, quad or quint. The photo below shows the same bike  assemble as a quint.

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This is a comment from the owners, Jim and Jill,  regarding their tandem.

"The frame was a marvel to build up and ride. We are really cranking off-road now. I am getting into the teamwork involved in off-road riding--it's different than the road. It is much, much, much more fun than road riding and I'm a huge road fan (4 road tandems). Nothing, holds a candle to our Ventana experiences...think of where we can go now. Now we can go anywhere and ride hard. The Co-Pilot would only takes us to the end of the road. The S&S Ventana takes us beyond... That thing screams and we are now plowing through the hard stuff like never before. Jill did not notice much difference in the ride to the fixed-frame Ventana other than the S&S steel felt softer. Man, what a ride."
Jim & Jill Harding, Issaquah, WA

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