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The purpose of this page:

This page was constructed as an easy means of distributing up to date information regarding the research being done on the Smiljanic family.

Background on my research:

My name is Steve Smilanick (originally Smiljanic) and I, with the help of several family members and others, am in the process of researching my family history. I am including all of the variations of the Smiljanic name such as Smiljanich, Smilanic, Smilanich and Smilanick in this research because it was common for the spelling to be changed slightly during the immigration process. I have second cousins that go by Smilanich, Smilanick and Smiljanic. I will use the Smiljainc spelling when referring to all Smiljanics since it's the original spelling.

I decided to do this research as a result of an e-mail I received from a Smilanich in November '98 asking if I was interested in my background. Since then, I have compiled a database of the descendants of my great grandfather, Dane, with 6 generations and over 100 direct descendents including over 20 second cousins and some relatives in Croatia that I didn't know I had. I have also identified 2 other Smiljanic families in the small village of Doljani and a third very close to that area. This project is growing. I would someday like to identify all of my great grandfather's children and their descendents. I would also like to know more about my great grandfather, his siblings and ancestors. As one e-mail response from a Smiljanic in Yugoslavia said "First, all Smiljanics are related". I don't know how accurate that statement is but I'm interested in doing the research to find out. I look forward to learning more about my heritage and I'm sure the effort will be worthwhile. I will appreciate and be thankful for any input or help you can give me.

This is what I know about my family:

My grandfather's name is Peter Paul (Smiljanic) Smilanick. He was born in Doljani, Zumberak, Croatia (formerly the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Yugoslavia) in May 1874. The village of Doljane was in Slovenia until WW2. After the war, the borders shifted slightly and now it's in Croatia but very close to Slovenia.

Peter's father's name was Dane Smiljanic and his mother's name was Yela Keserich. Peter's last name was changed to Smilanick when he immigrated to the USA. Peter died in 1918, during a flu epidemic and, unfortunately, almost all contact was lost with the Smiljanic family.

Smiljanic Family Trees
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Smiljanics that I'm sure I am related to:

Additional Smiljanic families: I may be related to these Smiljanic families since they are either from Doljani or the Zumberak area although I haven't been able to verify a ralationship yet.

Maps of the area

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Photo Gallery
Smiljanics of Zumberak

The Smiljanics in these photos are from the Zumberak area but I haven't confirmed most of them as my relatives. Do you know any of these people? Let me know if you do. If you have photos of Smiljanics, please send me a scanned image or whatever you have and I may post it here.

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