Dick's Calfee Review 
Dick Powell Reviews the Finest Tandem He Has Ever Ridden - the Calfee Tetra Tetra, with S&S Couplers

"I recently received my new S&S Calfee Tetra single and S&S Calfee Tetra Tetra tandem. We now have both assembled and have several rides on each. These are by far the finest bicycles I have ever been on! I will only discuss the tandem here.

The Tetra Tetra S&S is an all carbon fiber tandem with a carbon fiber fork with a carbon fiber steerer. The couplers are titanium. Craig Calfee welded the couplers to 1 inch long(approx) titanium tubes and then bonded them into the carbon tubes and added stainless steel pins for good measure. The workmanship is superb. For our tandem we chose to not have a disc or drum rear brake so we have 130 spacing and Mavic Krysium wheels. Very light, very stiff, very strong and a large rim surface for dumping heat. We chose Ultegra brakes and cranks and Ultegra BBs. Seat posts are Campy Ti, Kestrel bars in front, bullhorns in the rear, Terry Fly & Butter Fly Ti saddles, front derailleur is Ultegra and the rear is XTR with a 12-34 XTR Ti cassette. Tires are Continental 3000 700x28. It weighs in at 31 pounds (my single is 18 pounds) plus pedals. We are using Shimano 747 SPDs.

I have never been able to climb out of the saddle with such stiffness in the rear. Very solid, the best I think. Yet it is amazingly comfortable. Smooth as butter. WE DO NOT NEED A SHOCK SEAT POST according to my wifes sensitive behind! This too is quite amazing. Since each Calfee is custom made, you select your own geometry. You can choose the quickness of a CoMotion or the less quick Santana, depending on your style. The only limitation is dual pivot brake clearance, no v-brakes. As I mentioned in another post , Craig is making a frame compatible with the STI activated Formula disc brake for rear braking. If you want more front brake clearance you will need a steel fork for v-brakes, although I hear carbon forks will be available soon with v-brake bosses.

It is wonderful what Craig has done with both his single and tandem designs. These are not inexpensive, but I believe the finest frames on the market. Like Santana, the Ti S&S adds $2500 to the frame price. My tandem, as described above, is $10,999.99, a bit under 11K. The frame is $7750. We have a non S&S in stock as well as my S&S. If you are in the area, you are welcome to take a test ride. Be prepared to fall in love!

Did I mention you can buy 3 CoMotions, or 3 Santanas or 1 of each for this price? Oh yea, and 5 Burleys!"

Dick Powell
The Bicycle Outfitter of Los Altos, CA, Guru@BicycleOutfitter.com or 650 948-8092
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