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Packing an Erickson Tandem
into One Extra Deep (12") S and S Hard Case.

Components used to make disassembly and packing easier. How long does it typically take?

Packing Sequence

Step 1
Place the front frame section with fork attached in the case.

Step 2
Place the front wheel in the case. Tilt the wheel so it is down on the side opposite fork. This makes room for the wide part of the rear frame section. (Place a piece of hose slit lengthwise down one side over the frame tubes for protection in case they come in contact with the hub)

Step 3
Place the rear frame section as shown. (Be sure to use a slit hose to protect the frame where the frame tube contacts the hub)

Step 4
Place a seat and three loose tubes in the open area between the seat stays.

Step 5
Place the captains handlebars as shown. It may be necessary to rotate the front wheel so the opening in the spokes will allow the handlebar drops to pass through. There shouldn't be any force against the spokes when the bars are in the correct position. Also place the second seat as shown.

Step 6
Place the stoker handlebars and small items such as cranks and pedals in any open area as shown. (S

Step 8
Place the rear wheel on top. To close the lid it is necessary to work the tire into the lid as it is closed.
Protect your bike

Not all tandems can or should be packed using this technique. Some experimentation is typically required to develop a suitable packing method . This packing sequence is offered only as an illustration of what can be done.

See this tandem fully assembled

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