Anderson Four Seasons 953 frame set with S and S Couplings

Please click on the photo above for some shots of John's new
Anderson Four Seasons 953 frame set.

 Anderson Four Seasons 953 frame set with S and S Couplings:

The Four Seasons is designed to be a great all around...all year round... bicycle. The frame is 100% stainless with Reynolds 953 tubes throughout, along with stainless lugs, dropouts and other fittings. The bike can be had with pretty much any brake, tire, fender combination that you may wish, and as with all of my bikes, this can be purchased as a frameset only or as a complete bicycle. All of my bicycles are available with S&S couplers as well.

John’s Four Seasons bike shown here is a good example of what can be done when a rider and builder work together towards a common goal. John and I collaborated with this and I incorporated many of John's ideas into the bike, including his desire to be able run multiple tire sizes, fenders, rack mounts, S&S Couplers & etc., and yet still have a bike that he can race. The resulting bike is a truly multi-use machine....its a capable race bike with race wheels...add 28c's and it makes for a great long distance or training ride....ample tire clearance and long reach calipers combined with 32 or 35c's make for a great trail bike.....install a rack and do some light touring.....add fenders and its ready for rough weather....and S&S couplers make for a great traveling companion! Extras like polished stainless lugs, brushed out stainless tubes, pump mounts, rack & fender bosses, and a Columbine chain hanger make for a truly special ride.

John really appreciates the versatility that S&S couplers bring to his bike. Living in Hawaii, he has to travel by air pretty much anywhere he wants to go. His S&S couplers allow him to do so easily, without incurring high airline bike charges. The photo on the right shows John with his bike in Washington DC…You can see other photos of John, his bike, and his travels, including his bike in “Travel mode” by clicking HERE

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