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Carbon F


Company City State Phone Std Cust st ti cf a sgl tnd cnv


tnd st ti cf
A Train Cycles Minneapolis MN 651-295-1525   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 2-3
Ahearne Cycles Portland OR 503-473-2102                                
Alex Meade Bikeworks Lexington KY 859 351-8443   cst st       sgl tnd cnv     st     yes 2-3
Anderson Custom Bicycles St. Paul MN 651-324-0095   cst st       sgl tnd   sgl   st     yes 2-3
Argonaut Cycles Portland OR 503-701-4607   cst st       sgl                  
Assenmacher Cycling Centers Swartz Creek MI 810-635-7844                                
Bilenky Cycle Works Philadelphia PA 215-329-4744 a cst st ti     sgl tnd cnv   tnd st ti   yes 1-5
Black Sheep Bikes Fort Collins CO 970-218-5952                                

Bob Brown Cycles

St. Paul

MN 651-730-7596   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4-6
Bohemian Bicycles Tucson AZ 520-440-3094   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 8
Bushnell Cycle Designs Seattle WA 206-527-1384 a cst st     a sgl tnd cnv     st     yes 4
Caletti Custom Bicycles Santa Cruz CA 831-426-0575   cst st       sgl                  
Calfee Design La Selva Beach CA 831-728-1859 a cst     cf   sgl tnd cnv sgl       c no 1
Calhoun Cycle Minneapolis MN 612- 827-8000 a   st             sgl   st     yes 6
Cherry Bicycles LaFayette IN 756-423-4488 a cst st ti     sgl         st ti   yes 3
Chris Kvale Cycles Minneapolis MN 612-724-8843   cst st       sgl         st     yes 3-4
Circle A Cycles Providence RI 401-831-5221                                
Coast Cycles New York NY 646-724-1596                                
Co-Motion Cycles, Inc. Eugene OR 541-342-4583 i cst st       sgl tnd cnv              
Columbine Cycle Works  Bellevue CO 970-356-7617   cst st       sgl         st     yes 8
Concept Technology San Diego CA 858-292-4255   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Courage Bicycles, LLC Portland OR 503-572-4169   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 8
Curtlo Cycles Winthrop WA 509-996-8266                                
Cyclart Vista CA 760-599-1015                       st     yes 6
Cycle Classics Portsmouth VA 757-237-8044                                
Cycles LaMoure Sequim WA 360-477-0257 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 3
da Vinci Designs Denver CO 800-873-3214 a cst st ti       tnd                
Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles Seattle WA 800-292-5374 a cst st ti     sgl tnd       st ti   yes 3
DEAN Titanium Bicycles Boulder CO 303-530-3091 a cst st ti     sgl                  
DeSalvo Custom Cycles Ashland OR 541-621-8408 a cst st ti     sgl         st ti   yes 4-6
Donkelope Bikes Bellingham WA 360-920-0484 a   st   cf   sgl tnd             yes 4-6
Easy Racers Watsonville CA 831-722-9797                                
Ellis Cycles Waterford WI 262-806-7377                                
Engin Cycles Philadelphia PA 215-248-2829   cst st       sgl tnd                
Erickson Cycles Seattle WA 206-527-5259 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 1
Forty-One-Thirty Menlo Park CA 415-794-8543                                
Gallus Cycles Fort Worth TX 817-757-2944   cst st       sgl                  
Groovy Cycle Works Wooster  OH 330-988-0537                                
Gunnar Cycles Waterford WI 262-534-4190 a cst st       sgl                  
H. H. Racing Group Media PA 610-565-6023 a cst st       sgl                  
Hampsten Cycles Seattle WA 206.524.6010   cst st       sgl                  
Holland Cycles, Inc. Spring Valley CA 619-469-1772   cst   ti     sgl                  
Independent Fabrication Sommerville MA 617-666-3609 a cst st       sgl                  
Inglis Cycles Napa CA 707-258-2203                                
J.P. Weigle Cycles Lyme CT 860-434-0700   cst st       sgl         st     yes 12
K. Bedford Customs Greenfield Center NY 518-538-8055 cst st sgl st yes 6
Kent Eriksen Cycles Steamboat Springs CO 970-879-8484   cst   ti     sgl tnd                
Kirk  Frameworks  Bozeman MT 406-586-3555                                
Kish Fabrication San Luis Obispo CA 805-574-0414                                
Landshark Medford OR 541-535-4516   cst st       sgl tnd                
Lightfoot Cycles Darby MT 406-821-4750   cst st             sgl tnd st     yes 10
La Suprema Handcrafted Steel Tucson AZ 520-256-1300                                
Lightning Cycle Dynamics Lompoc CA 805-736-0700 a cst st             sgl   st     no 6
Littleford Custom Bicycles Portland OR 503-922-1934   cst st       sgl         st     yes 3-8
Longbikes Lakewood CO 303-986-9300 a cst st         tnd   sgl tnd          
Lynskey Performance Chattanooga TN 423.499.5815 a cst   ti     sgl tnd               2-6
Merlin Metalworks, Inc. Chattanooga TN 423.238-4923 a cst   ti     sgl                  
Milholand Bicycle Company Portland OR     cst st       sgl                  
Moots Cycles Steamboat Springs CO 970-879-7546 a cst   ti     sgl                  
MSH1Bicycle Works Colchester CT 860-537-9746                                
Penguin Cycles Brownsville VT 802-484-5015                                
Pereira Cycles Portland OR 503-333-5043                                
Peter Mooney Cycles Belmont MA 617-489-3577 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 3
PDQ Bondurant IA 515-446-3636 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 3-4
Pride Cycles Soddy Daisy TN 423-451-7727 a cst st ti     sgl tnd       st ti   yes 4-5
Rans Hays KS 785-625-6346 i   st               tnd st     no call
Rex Cycles Sacramento CA 916-446-5706 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 3
Rich Adams Hand Built Bikes Wilkes-Barre PA 570 970 3008 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 8
Richard Sachs Cycles Chester CT 860-526-2059 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 2-3
Rivendell Bicycle Works Walnut Creek CA 925-933-7304 a cst st       sgl                  
Roark Custom Titanium B. Brownsburg IN 317-852-3163 a cst   ti     sgl           ti   yes 6
Rock Lobster Cycles Santa Cruz CA 831-429-8010   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Rodriguez Bicycles Seattle WA 206-527-4822   cust st ti     sgl tnd       st     yes 9
Serotta Competition Bicycles South Glens Falls NY 518-747-8620 a cst st ti     sgl                  
Seven Cycles Inc. Watertown MA 617-923-7774 a cst st ti     sgl tnd                
Spectrum Cycles, Inc. Breinigsville PA 610-398-1986   cst st ti     sgl tnd                
Strong Frames Bozeman MT 800 586-1105   cst st ti     sgl         st ti   yes 6
Sweetpea Bicycles Portland OR 503-381-0722                                
Sycip Designs Santa Rosa CA 707-542-6359   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 8
Tallerico Bicycles Lodi CA 209-224-8707   cst st       sgl         st     yes call
Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles Hampstead NH 603-329-8057 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 4
Terra Cycles Portland OR 503-231-9798   cst st       sgl                  
Ti Cycles Fabrication Portland OR 503-621-9670 a cst st ti     sgl tnd       st ti   yes 2-6
Traffic Cycle Design Philadelphia PA 631-283-2451                                
Ventana Mountain Bikes Rancho Cordova CA 916-631-0544   cst st         tnd                
Waltworks Custom Bicycles Boulder CO 303-359-9392   cst st                          
Waterford Precision Cycles Waterford WI 262-534-4190 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 6
WizWheelz   Hastings MI 269-945-5581   st             sgl tnd          
Zinn Cycles, Inc. Boulder CO 303-499-4349   cst st ti     sgl tnd       st ti   yes call
ZR Cycles Madison WI 847 212-8347                                

Foreign Framebuilders (Located Outside the USA)


Products & Services with S and S Couplings

New Bicycles or Frames

Existing Bicycles

i=In Stock 
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Models offered

Retrofit Services

Contact Information
Click on a framebuilder's name
for more detailed information.

Carbon F.
Carbon F
Company City State/Area Country Phone std cust st ti cf a sgl tnd cnv sgl tnd st ti cf  any weeks
Agresti Fahrrader Rodgau Germany 01787877507 a cst st sgl tnd st yes 3
Arvon Cycles Tofield Alberta Canada 780-662-2842 cst sgl tnd st yes 2-3
Baum Cycles Geelong Victoria Australia +61  35277 1933 cst st ti sgl st ti no 6
Bob Jackson Cycles Bramley Leeds UK 0113 255 1144   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 8
Dave Yates Cycles Dogdyke Lincoln UK 01526 343322 a cst st       sgl tnd       sy     yes 8
Dekerf Cycle Innovations LTD Richmond B.C. Canada +1(604) 241-1143 a cst st ti     sgl                  
Dietmar Hertel Rahmenbau Erftstadt   Germany 02235 799472 a cst st       sgl         st     yes 10
Enigma Titanium Limited Westham East Sussex UK +44 1323 741807 a cst st ti     sgl                  
Fateba Winterthur Switzerland 41-52-212-6911 a cst st sgl st yes 4
Gellie Custom Bike Frames Melbourne Victoria Australia +61 3 9712 0333
a cst st sgl tnd st yes call
Gleiss Rahmenbau Pattensen   Germany 05101 916460 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 2
GREENSPEED Ferntree Gully   Australia +61 3 9758 5541 a cst st             sgl tnd st     yes 2
Guru Bikes Laval Quebec Canada 450 687 6644 a cst st ti     sgl                  
Hardo Wagner Rahmenbau Lübeck   Germany +49 0451 8132043   cst st       sgl                  
Hillbrick Racing Frames  Minto   Australia (02) 9820 4011   cst st       sgl         st     yes call
JESTER Hand Built Bicycles Welland Ontario Canada 905-788-1497   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Kinetics Cycles Glasgow   UK +44 141 942 2552   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Holger Koch Fahrradrahmenbau Kaufungen   Germany 05605 5665   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 6
La Bicicleteria Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico 52(3)823 65 99   cst st       sgl         st     yes 6
Langenberg Fahrradmanufaktur Baunatal   Germany 0561 49 5155   cst                   st     yes 3
Le Cadre Bicyles Koudekerke   Netherlands  +31 (0)6 1823 5123   cst st       sgl               yes 6
Lee Cooper Cycles Coventry   UK 024 76304723 a cst st       sgl tmd       st     yes 4-8
LoGo Trikes   Spearwood W.   Australia +61 8 9418 2757 a   stl             sgl            
M-Gineering Kiel Windeweer   Netherlands +31 598-491865   cst stl       sgl         st     yes 8-10
Matsuda Bicycle Factory 
Tokyo   Japan Fax 81-3-3806 6091 a cst st       sgl         st     yes call
Marschall Frameworks Möhnesee   Germany +49 (0) 2924 851532   cst st       sgl               yes 1-2
Mercian Cycles Alvaston Derby UK +44) 01332 752468 a cst st       sgl tnd                
Naked Quadra Island B.C. Canada 250-285-3181   cst st       sgl tnd   sgl   st     yes 3-8
Pedalpower Berlin   Germany +49 (0)30 55153270 a cst         sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Roberts Cycles Croydon Surrey UK +44 (0)20-8684 3370   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 3
S.F.B. Loenen a/d Vecht   Netherlands +31 (0)294 231056                                
Simoncini-Italia Gambassi Terme Firenze Italy (39) 0571 632661   cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 3
Stalla & Dittrich GmbH Freiberg/Neckar Germany +49 (0)7141 73 37 3
Star City Cycles Calgary Alberta Canada 403-371-1406   cst st       sgl         st     yes 4-6
Tamarack Cycles Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada 902-425-1756 cst st sgl
Tandem Technology Göderle Rahmenbau
  Germany 0371 5212870   cst           tnd       st     yes 8
Thorn Bridgwater Somerset UK 44-1278-423632 a cst st       sgl tnd       st     yes 4
Thylacine Cycles Ascot Vale Victoria Australia +61 0425 742 427   cst st ti     sgl                  
TOEI Kawaguchi Saitama Japan 81 48 256 0390 a cst st                          
Triton Bikes Moscow   Russia +7 926 1965588   cst   ti     sgl tnd                
True North Cycles Guelph Ontario Canada 519-585-0600                                
Velodrom-Rahmenbau Köln   Germany 0221 4062486   cst st       sgl                  
Victoire Cycles Clermont-Ferrand   France +33 9 51 12 64 71   cst st       sgl         st       6-8
Wiesmann Rahmenbau Freiburg   Germany 0761 507188   c st       sgl                  

Retrofitting an existing bike or frame:

Can my steel or titanium bike be retrofit?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Frames made from steel or  titanium can almost always be retrofit it they are built with round tubes and if we make the coupling to fit your tube diameters. We rarely have a problem supplying the correct diameter but if you have an accurate method of measuring your tubes, you can check for the correct size for yourself at this page: coupling specifications. . With retrofits, the builder must first determine what type tubes were used when the frame was built. Occasionally, due to the shortness of tube butting etc., a tube or two may need to be replaced. Tube replacement can be expensive, therefore, retrofitting may be impractical. In addition, repainting or touch-up will be necessary. The ideal time to retrofit is when frame repair or paint is needed anyway. 
Retrofitting is very popular and some builders do them on a continuous basis. We have never had a single complaint or problem with a bike that was retrofit and builders have been retrofitting for almost 10 years now. Some builders prefer not doing retrofits for some of the same reasons they don't like to do frame repairs or rework of any kind. Some will even tell you that it's not a good practice due to frame alignment issues. Our findings don't support that opinion. A skilled bicycle framebuilder can install couplings without changing the frame alignment. If alignment was being changed by doing a retrofit, it would seem logical that over a period of 10 years of doing retrofitting, a customer would have voiced their dissatisfaction with the outcome and that hasn't happened. We haven't had even one complaint. On the contrary, we have heard nothing but positive feedback regarding how well the bikes turn out and how well they ride. Read some of the comments and testimonials from people that have had their bikes retrofit and you will know that retrofitting is a practical and reliable solution in many situations.  Comments page 1   Comments page 2

If you get your bike retrofit, please write us to tell us how you like it. It's not unusual for people to have reservations about cutting a bike in half and it would be great to add your comment to our list to help others take the plunge. Likewise, almost all framebuilders that use our product for the first time feel like the bike they were building might be compromised regarding strength or rigidity. It's not uncommon for them to contact S&S once the frame is built to tell me that the couplings really do work. We're not surprised even a little that the couplings are stronger than the tube itself. Review our test data and see for yourself why we are so confident.

Can you retrofit my aluminum bike? 

Unfortunately, aluminum frames can't be retrofit. For an explanation of why they can't, visit our page regarding aluminum frames. 

Can  my carbon fiber bike be retrofit?

Currently only one framebuilder, Calfee Designs, does carbon fiber retrofits and he only does retrofits on bicycles he originally manufactured which include:

Can my recumbent frame be retrofit?

Recumbents made with triangulated style frames can be retrofit. Monotube recumbent frames can not be retrofit. More information regarding monotube bikes

Does it make a difference who made the bike?

Some builders will only retrofit bikes that they manufactured but most builders that do retrofitting, will retrofit any bicycle made by anyone. Be sure to look for the words "yes" or "no" located under "Any Brand" in the framebuilder list to determine if a builder will do your frame. 

Does S and S do retrofitting?

We're sorry but S and S only makes couplings, we don't install them and we don't evaluate frames for their suitability for retrofitting. To determine if you frame can be retrofit, you will need to discuss that with a framebuilder.

How can I pick a builder to retrofit my bike?

The best place to start is the framebuilder list at the top of this page. The retrofitting section will give you an idea which builders can do the job. Although many builders are capable of retrofitting bikes, the bulk of the retrofitting seems to go to a small handful of  builders who specialize in doing retrofits. A good place to start might be to go the S and S photo gallery of single and tandem retrofits and take a look at which builders are represented there. Another good source is the first and second page of comments or testimonials sent to us by S and S Coupled bike owners. These customers tell us a lot about their experience dealing with the various builders. 

How much will a retrofit cost?

Price for doing a retrofit seems to be all over the place but somewhere around $400.00 seems to be fairly common  (parts and labor to install them in the frame) paint, accessories and cases are extra. Several customers have told us that they suspect some builders advertise doing  retrofits so they can try to talk customers into a new bike. We have no way of knowing if that is the case or not so be sure to talk a few builders before you give up on retrofitting.  Retrofitting done by a professional builder is a reliable process. Don't let a framebuilder discourage you from investigating other builders.  Also, it would be a good idea to review the framebuilder comments page for more opinions regarding retrofitting.

How long does it take to retrofit a bike?

Although it's a fairly simple job to retrofit couplings to an existing bike, it may take anywhere from 1 to 12 weeks to get you bike back depending on the builder. The number of weeks wait for a retrofit is listed on the framebuilder list but those times are only estimates. We suggest that you contact the builder for a more accurate estimate when you are ready to do your bike. The time of year and the builders workload will have a lot to do with how long they need to keep your frame.

Can I buy couplings from S and S and install them myself?

We're sorry but due to the technical nature of installing couplings, we only sell them to professional bicycle framebuildres. We don't sell to amateur bicycle framebuildres, welding shops, retail bike shops or other shops that do welding or silver brazing..

To purchase a bike equipped with S and S Couplings, have S and S Couplings retrofit to an existing bike or purchase cases and accessories, please contact a retailer or framebuilder listed on this web site.


The framebuilders appearing on this list have informed our company that they are currently incorporating the bicycle torque couplings into their products. All of these framebuilders are independents. The furnishing of their names and addresses is done as a courtesy to our customers and shall not be deemed to be a warranty or guarantee of the quality of the products or services provided by these dealers

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