Bilenky Tandem 

"...The bike rides great - extremely comfortable. And the S&S couplers worked wonderfully. Everyone else in our group had the usual worries about finding boxes and shipping their bikes. We had it easy! Thanks. I still think S&S couplers are the greatest thing that has happened to tandems in a long, long time...."
Roger & Lynn Brucker, Dayton, Ohio (2000 Bilenky S&S coupled Tandem)

Roger and Lynn Brucker on 19 Sept. 2001 in San Diego, CA at the start of their southern tier ride across the United States. In the background is the Pacific Ocean. They rode a custom built Bilenky S&S coupled tandem ordered for this trip. "We needed a shorter top tube in the front and a much longer top tube in the back, provision for mounting the shifters on the front or rear positions, and the shipping convenience of airline luggage stowage," said Lynn. Steve Bilenky met all the Brucker's requirements in his innovative design. "We specified green because you don't see green tandems every day," said Roger. (The tandem was quickly dubbed "Green Bean.") 

In St. Augustine, FL on 19 Nov. 2001 the Bruckers completed their 3,200 mile ride two months later. About four weeks of rain followed them from Texas eastward. "Our Bilenky tandem is a heavy-duty touring machine built to carry everything we needed, rugged enough to stand up to all the rigors of highway travel, and easy to assemble and disassemble. We were most pleased with the interaction and expert contributions of Steve. Our tandem performed flawlessly on the Santana Durango Tandem Rally in Colorado last July, and on a 300-mile camping tour around the South Carolina lowlands last November," said Lynn.

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