Waterford Road Bike Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works

This comment was forwarded to S&S by Bilenky Cycle Works.  "Airport security have always scrutinized 'oversize' bike bags/boxes and after several frustrating charges recently, it was time to own a travel bike. My best buddy upgraded to a Ti-Seven in the off-season as I discovered that his 'ill-fitted' Waterford 1200 was my size; a prime candidate for an SandS retrofit. Several conversations with an S and S builder (not Bilenky) suggested an added cost of $375 (in addition to their normal retrofit charge) to retrofit the mismatched top-tube and downtube inherent with the Reynolds 753 Waterford framesets. This blew the budget and my dreams of cutting a bike quickly waned. After a conversation with Stephen at Bilenky Cycles, he was able to install the S and S conversion kit at no added cost, (no upcharge beyond the standard $395 cost for basic retro-fit) add new rack braze-ons, original Waterford decals and a killer paint --- far below the costs of purchasing a new frameset. Once again, I was surprised with the quality of the work; the paint was flawless and the S and S converstion kit beautiful. My buddy now envies his loss and have considered Bilenky Cycle Works for his next frame project. I recently rode the 1200 at a local charity ride, only to be pampered by its snappiness, practicality and classic looks. Thanks again, Stephen....
Ed Mantaring, cyclist, Greenwich, CT (Waterford retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works)

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