Lygie Road Bike Retrofit by Bilenky Cycle Works

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Just a note to let you know your Lygie rebuild and jazz-up has been sweet. I bought it used and rode it from OR to MA in 1976, but since then it served as a beater for kids seats, tow wagons and rides around the block when I didn't want to get my good bike wet. It sat idle for a number of years and I was about to toss it when I found Bilenky Cycle Works and you agreed to revive it as a suitcase travel bike. Since your amazing rebuild I've taken it from Boston to Florida and France and was a satisfied customer. Last weekend, however, I moved into the devotee category. I rode in a 170 mile, two day cancer research Pan Mass Challenge fundraiser with your "jazzed up" restoration that turned the unreliable 35+ year old beater into a solid, reliable, modern bike. Your thought and care in choosing components, wheels, gears, wicked "better than new" brakes, cable stops, S&S couplers and very clever fork salvation all made for a great, smooth ride. It was a good choice and we rode quite well thank you next to Ti, Al and C bikes and got lot's more comments and questions. The Lygie you saved was the same bike I rode across country with my brother Rob in 1976. Four weeks ago, just before the PMC ride, brother Rob was diagnosed and had a cancerous tumor and kidney removed. To think I almost tossed the bike! Thanks again for the personal attention and excellent job you and your team did with this very meaningful, beautiful bike. Sincerely, 
John Higley

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