Bilenky Stainless Steel Cyclocross / Touring Bike

"This is a truly one of a kind bicycle. I had this frame built for me almost 10 years ago by Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works. It is made of Columbus Metax stainless steel tubing, it has stainless S & S couplers and Henry James stainless lugs. Joinery at the stays is fillet brazed and the bottom bracket / seat / down tube junctions are TIG welded (not enough room with the coupler for a lug)."" "I have ridden this bike on multi-day, long distance, loaded tours. I've used it to race cyclocross. I've thrown race wheels on it and gone on the fast local club rides; even a time trial or two. I've put knobby cyclocross tires on it and ridden it on the local mountain bike trails. It has all been very fun. The bike is probably at its best on very long rides and on tight, bumpy cyclocross courses." "The highest praise I can give the couplings is that I forgot they were there until someone asked me about them or I was greasing the threads for routine maintenance. I am blown away at how little they change the bike, until you want them to, and then they change the bike like nothing else can."
Todd Miller, Physical Therapist, Putney VT 

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