KHS Retrofit in Progress by Bilenky Cycle Works

First, the bike is stripped down to the basic frame.

Then it's time to cut the frame in half.
A precision blade guide is used to perfectly align the blade square to each frame tube.
It also precisely spaces the cuts to remove the exact length of tube required to make room for the coupling.
(Not the KHS frame but the process is the same for all bikes)

This photo shows the 1 3/8" gap left after removing a section of tube that will be replaced by a coupling.
Two saw cuts are required per tube/coupling for a total of 4 cuts per bike (two couplings).

Then, the paint is removed from the frame so the couplings can be silver brazed in place.

Silver brazing the couplings into the frame (the white heat shield minimizes the damage to the paint)

Once the couplings are silver brazed into the frame, the frame is cleaned, repainted or touched up like this one then assembled 

Packed in an S and S backpack case and ready to go!

You hacked my KHS soft-tail and it works great!
Shawn Mallady, cyclilst, Danville, IL 

Click here to see how the "Bilenky Retro-fit Wizards" really do it.

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