Bilenky Deluxe Tinker Tandem with 26" wheels

"I probably did not tell you that the ride we did in December last year after receiving the bike from you, was actually done a week before the tsunami event. We took the coastal route from Langkawi to Penang, traveling 200km south through the areas that were later hit by the tsunami. The villages we pass through were severely damaged. We were of course blissfully ignorant of the tragedy that was going to take place and enjoyed our ride tremendously. That was our first loaded unsupported ride. I was quite surprised at how
well the tinker behaved with more than 40 lbs in the front and rear panniers. We did 3 days of riding covering roughly 70kms a day. On the final day, a Saturday we loaded the tinker on a night train to Kuala Lumpur, and early Sunday morning we rode 15kms home from the railway station, promising to another tour soon." "Its over eight months since I got the tinker, its a great bike. My wife calls it her BMW tandem."
Shamsudin Dubi, Cyclist,  Malaysia

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