Co-Pilot Road

The Co-Motion Co-Pilot was the first bicycle in the world to apply S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings (BTCs) as a standard feature. Since its introduction, the Co-Pilot has raised a lot of eyebrows. Not only because it is an excellent travel bike, the Co-Pilot just happens to be a great bike whether you consider its travel credentials or not.

Everything you expect from a fine road bike is part of the Co-Pilot's pedigree. From its Reynolds 725 heat-treated double-butted tubing, specially selected for ideal BTC integration, to its classic road geometry, the Co-Pilot puts a lot of highly respected traditional bikes to shame! Our standing in the bicycle industry is built on excellent cratsmanship, and the Co-Pilot's detail work is evidence of our commitment. This bicycle's solid, agile feel will make you forget that the BTCs are there, but you'll be glad they are!

Naturally, the best reason to own a Co-Pilot is that you never have to leave your passion for cycling behind when you travel. The Co-Pilot checks on as regular luggage, saving you money and hassles each time you travel. Best of all, you'll maintain your fitness and your chosen recreation while the world becomes your cycling playground.

Frame Specifications
Size 50cm 53cm 56cm 58cm 60cm
Top Tube Length 53.0cm 54.0cm 56.0cm 57.5cm 59.0cm
Head Angle 72.5 73 73.5 74 74
Seat Angle 74.5 74 73 73 73
Chainstay Length 42cm 42cm 42cm 42cm 42cm
Bottom Bracket Height 27.0cm 27.0cm 27.0cm 27.0cm 27.0cm

Frame sizes are measured from center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube collar.

All Co-Pilot Road frames come with a Wound-Up carbon fork, specify threaded or threadless steerer.

Component groups for the Co-Pilot Road:

Co-Pilot Road options:

Paint Options:

Stock colors:

Custom Paint:

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