Co-Motion Express* road bike

Heath Langle (6' 6" tall) and his bike.

A comment from Heath regarding his bike.

"... I was so impressed with how the BTC system worked that I invested in a small business to promote and sell bicycles equipped with the BTC system.".... "I have since ridden many miles both in racing and just riding and haven't had a single problem. Even when a friend of mine, who rode the same style bike, was hit by an ice-cream truck the couplings didn't budge. The frame wasn't so lucky but the couplings weren't even loose. By the way the friend is ok. Everytime I ride I have someone inquire about what those "things" are on my frame. When I tell them they are amazed. I just completed the annual Tour de Tucson, a 111 mile race, which is the country's largest perimeter cycling event and as I whizzed past other riders they would catch me just to ask about the BTC system. I even saw a few tandems which had the BTC system installed. I have also made a few trips where without the BTC system there would have been no way I could have taken my bicycle along. In my opinion it's the only way to fly."
Heath Langle, USCF Amatuer Racer, Cat 4, Tucson, AZ (On a Co-Motion Express road bike)

* The Express model is manufactured for Heath by Co-Motion Cycles.

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