Co-Motion Americano Co-Pilot Touring Bike

2003 Model with S and S Couplings

As a respected bicycle frame builder, we often take orders for custom bicycles that the rest of the bicycle market either can't handle or has simply forgotten. The classic touring bicycle has slipped from the mainstream, but it is experiencing a comeback as more people are discovering the joy of seeing the world first hand and at their own pace. 

packed and ready for adventureOur experience with tandems has helped us to design and create an entirely new breed of touring bike that handles self-supported, transcontinental touring without even breaking a sweat. Like a tandem, a touring bike also carries a heavy load, puts extreme strain on wheels and requires first rate design and construction to keep its pilot confident and in control. We've been refining our custom touring bikes since 1988 to prove the effectiveness of these original ideas on tours all over the globe. 

For complete immunity from wheel failures, the Americano uses a symmetrical tandem rear wheel with a 145mm axle. Our exclusively designed tandem-sized chainstays are long enough to provide huge clearance for carrying large panniers, yet stiff enough that your Americano will beg for more hills to climb. The heat-treated tandem-sized frame tubes are stout enough to cross any continent as many times as you care to. 

Real touring geometry is vital for the success of your voyage, and we've mind-melded into the Americano the sure, steady disposition of a pack mule. For 2002, we've added two more sizes to make fitting just about anyone easy. To help you take in the view without strain, the Americano manages to be relaxed and upright, without a hint of anything wimpy. Our tandem-style fork keeps your gear rock solid even on the steepest mountain descents. There's plenty of room for fat touring tires, fender mounts, and all the braze-on fittings you need. You can even order your Americano with S+S Machine's Bicycle Torque Couplings, to add suitcase portability to your bicycle. 

Get to know your country, your continent and your world on a Co-Motion Americano. There's no experience like traveling under your own power. And no bicycle is better suited to the task. 

Read John Schubert's Americano Review from Adventure Cyclist Magazine

Here's a handsome Anericano painted orange with cream-colored panels.
 This a a first-rate paint job, executed by masking the panel sections.
 Other contrasting colors can be used for different effects.

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