Co-Motion Co-Pilot Tandem

Shirley and I at the 1996 Bart / Ibis Tandem Rally.

TANDEMS ARE GREAT! I have been an avid cyclist now for about 15 years and it took me that long to finally try a tandem. Shirley quit riding singles about 6 years ago for several reasons. The main reason was that she didn't like keeping up the pace on our daily training rides. You know the story, she kills herself and I never feel like we are going fast enough. With our tandem, we can each contribute to a degree that feels right for our own level of fitness, fatigue or even mood. The pace isn't as important to us as long as we each get a good workout and we're together (although tandems do cook). Instead of the cycling being an activity that keeps us apart, it brings us together.

Steve Smilanick, cyclist and manufacturer of BTCs. Roseville, CA

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