Davidson Modal
A travel bike that folds and toggles between single, fixed, and geared modes.

The Modal Bicycle Concept 
The concept of the modal travel bike is to have a bike that is thoughtfully designed and equipped so that it could be run as a regular road bike or quickly converted into a single-speed road bike with minimal fuss and fit into an airline-friendly case for travel.


Modal in Geared Mode

Modal in Single Speed Mode

Single Mode Details
For the Modal to work, it’s built as a road bike with two sets of bars: one has shifters and other just brakes. I’m simply removing the derailleur, releasing the chain master link, swapping out the Paragon, changing the bar, and connecting the cable stops. After a few adjustments, the bike is ready to ride. The beauty of a single speed when traveling is fast rear wheel in and out. There’s also very little to break in transit.

The Modal Bicycle Concept Explained

More on the Single Speed Mode

More on the Geared Mode

Photos and More Photos

Packing the Bike

Photos, text and links provided by DL Byron of bike hugger

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