Erickson Custom Road Bike

To say this bike is elegant is an understatement!


How do you describe a bike like this? Commuter/rain-bike? Travel bike? Training bike? Or racing bike? In fact, ALL of the above. Owner, Nancy Bruce, commuted almost daily sloshing through Seattle’s rain-filled potholes from her home in Burien to work near the U-District. Polishing it up a bit (and oh yes, removing the fenders) she then took it to Santa Rosa last June ('96) and raced it to a gold medal finish in the Masters National Championships road race, finding it stiff and responsive in the climbs and final field sprint. Now, what do you do at the end of the season with such a fine work/racehorse of a bike? Take it to France, of course! Packed neatly in its suitcase, Nancy checked it, plus a tandem, as ordinary luggage on board her British Air flight to Europe, where she easily joined her Erickson Cycle Tours crew for some awesome riding in Italy and France.

Close-up view of the lugwork


Top tube  S and S Coupling

Down tube S and S Coupling

A comment from Nancy Bruce about her custom Erickson

"Glenn’s heard my raves over and over, so I thought I’d pass some on to you regarding the Erickson travel bike built for me using your couplings.
I used this bike almost exclusively all winter ‘96; this included 100-200 miles weekly commuting on Seattle’s rough city roads and Glenn’s famous race-pace Saturday rides. Also, in mid-June I raced to a first place finish in the Masters Nationals road race championships. Right after Nationals, I placed it in its suitcase, checked it plus a tandem - no hassles - on a flight to Europe, where I cycled the French Alps, Tuscany, and Provence. Plenty of climbing, needless to say! In all riding situations the travel bike has performed beyond my expectations, and I won’t hesitate to use it in the Masters World championships summer of ‘97 or ‘98"

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