Erickson Custom Tandem

Glenn Erickson with this beautiful tandem at the NWTR '97.

Close-ups of the artistic metalwork Glenn is famous for.

A comment from John Merrill, the owner this tandem -

I'm a marine biologist and a tandem enthusiast. No connection right? Hah!

I've had a long history of involvement in seaweed aquaculture, and so when we were ready to buy some rolling art (Glenn's bikes are NOT just bikes, in case the pictures aren't clear on this point!), I asked Glenn what he thought of kelp as a motif. The kelp we chose is the Pacific "Bull Kelp" (scientific name: "Nereocystis luetkeana"), one which I did a fair bit of cultivation research on prior to moving to the U.S. midwest. This seaweed will be familiar to many West Coast SCUBA divers, fisherpeople, and beachgoers. It is a truly beautiful plant (even more beautiful in nature than Glenn's remarkable carvings, if you can believe that)! It is an extremely important part of the nearshore marine environment, providing both primary production as well as important habitat for many other species. It is also quite a delicious vegetable when used in soups and salads.

I'm pretty sure that this is the first bicycle ever to have a seaweed decoration theme! The S&S couplers add both to the utility _and the beauty_ of the bike! We're planning to travel around the country and the world with it. Can't wait to show it off to my seaweed cultivating friends in France, Italy, Japan, U.K., etc. I've posted this URL to a seaweed related listserver and I hope many of those subscribers get to see this great work of art.

John Merrill, Microbiology Department, Michigan State University

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