Cycles LaMoure touring bike

Tourist Dave Shank on his Cycles LaMoure touring bike.

A comment from Dave regarding his BTC equipped bike

"This photo was taken during my three day checkout ride from Neah Bay to Bellevue, WA in 1995. The bicycle handled like a dream, extremely responsive with that tight wheel base. The S&S Couplings were a non-factor. You wouldnít know it was a two piece bike. The bicycle was even more stable the next fall when I used my front panniers on a week long self-contained ride down the Oregon coast. I carried approximately 50 pounds on that trip. Once again, the S&S Couplings were a non-factor.

I like them so much that Iím having them installed on my wifeís Bianchi San Remo before our 1997 European tour.

P.S. The only time Iíve had to tighten the couplings during my ride is after demonstrating to the curious how they work."

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