Merlin Taiga Travel Bike with S and S Couplings


Notice the fly rod stored inside the frame tubes which are accessible when the couplings are opened.

Year Long Tour of South America by Seth Gates (on this Merlin Taiga

Hi Steve,

Just a note to say how much we are enjoying our coupled bikes. We are
currently on a year+ long tour of South America (in Ecuador now) and
have found their dismantling option to be useful on several occasions. 
Something we have done differently that I havenīt seen on your site. 
When we travel, because we have been leaving from destinations we have
traveled by bike to, we found that if you take a normal bike box, cut it
in half and shave off a few inches, you have two perfectly sized boxes
for a wheel and half a frame each, plus panniers and associated gear to
cushion the bike. We flew to Ecuador from Nova Scotia, where we had
ridden to from southern Maine, picked up some boxes at a local bike shop
and packed our bikes in a city park...four relatively easy to carry
boxes and no oversize fees! (itīs such a satifsying feeling at the
airport checkout counter!) 
I ride a retro-fit Merlin Taiga titanium frame and my wife rides a
retro-fit Surly LHT...both are and have worked beautifully. As an added
bonus, I can fit my 7-piece fly rod inside my tubes, the big piece in
the top tube and the rest in the down tube! I get some curious looks
when I stop by a river, uncouple my bike and whip out an 8-foot fly rod!

Anyway, our blog is:  if you might include it
on your website.

Thanks again for a most marvelous invention!!

Seth Gates (owner of the bicycle)

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