68 CM Rivendell Atlantis Touring Frame Retrofit with S and S Couplings by Rex Cycles

The fork was removed  from the front triangle to facilitate packing this HUGE frame

Owner Comments:

They said it couldn't be done, but here's proof: a photo of a 68-cm
Rivendell Atlantis with S&S couplers packed into the 26x26x10" case. 
The trick is to locate the top tube coupler as close to the seat tube as
possible. The work was done by Steve Rex in Sacramento.

Starting with a coast-to-coast tour in May-Aug 2005, I've done 
a total of seven tours on that bike. 

Tours Documented on my web page at: http://www.cds1.net/~n1al/ 

The first question people always ask when they see the couplers is, "How
do they affect the ride?" Of course the answer is "Not at all." I
really like being able to ride my regular full-sized bike on tours. 
Could you imagine me trying to ride a Bike Friday? (I'm 6'7" tall.)
Alan Bloom

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