Santana Cabrio - Triplet to Tandem Convertible

Model description provided by Santana

Can't decide between a triplet for your family or a Stowaway™ travel tandem of spontaneous romantic escapes with your spouse? It's amazing how many couples have faced theis difficult choice - and now there's an answer. Just before the close of the millenium Santana solved this age-old problem with the invention of the Cabrio. You could say the Cabrio is both mineral and vegetable, that is, it's a triplet that can be trasnformed into a tandem by simply removing the center section of the frame, Thanks to its 12 strategically-placed S&S couplers, the resulting tandem or triplet can be stowed in one or two suitcases that will travael through airports unnoticed.

Would your family like to ride into the next millennium on a 2 or 3 seat travel tanedm? Collect your inseam measurements and give Santana a call.


Tandem configuration


Removable section


Triplet configuration

 This photo of the fully assembled bike was taken along the Danube in Austria

Tupper Lake  located in Adirondack National Park (NY State)

"I'm a big booster of your product. I have another Santana (Encore) with S and S Couplings on it. Our family lived in England for four years and we cycletoured throughout Europe thanks to your couplings.  We were able to take our two tandems on trains or planes, through stations and in taxis. I have never felt or seen any compromise in the integrity of an S and S modified frame. However, I have heard the envy of many cycletourers who wished they had them."
Russ Le Donne, owner of the red and yellow Santana's shown here

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