Seven Cycles Titanium Cyclocross Bike

"Here's my Seven Cycles cyclocross bike with your couplings (dressed for touring) by the famous 38th parallel marker.  The bottom is at the airport as I am putting my bike together."......"It is a Seven Cycles Tsunami cyclocross frame with mostly WTB components. It rides like a dream!!

During the first couple of rides it is so plush I kept stopping to check if I had a flat. Even with this increadable degree of plushness as soon as I step on the cranks this baby moves with hardly any flex. As for tracking, point it... and you are there. Truely amazing. It sounds like a great bike. I am in the process of ordering a Seven Softride tandem right now. The Ti couplings are beautiful and made the ordeal of bringing a bike overseas a no-brainer. Once again Steve, thank you for developing such a great product!!"

Garryck Hampton

This is Garryck's second S and S equipped bike. His first bike was a Custom Dear John Mountain Bike built by Cherry.

See Garryck's previous bike and to read what else he has to say about S and S Couplings.

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