Paramount Fixed Gear Retrofit by Waterford Precision Cycles

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"It's a great traveling bike. I take it to Florida when we visit grandparents each winter and it travels great, though I should probably get a proper case for it. Last trip I packed it in a 26x26x10 cardboard box with a gator-foam lining, pipe insulation, zip ties, etc. I traveled with it as checked luggage on the plane with no ill-effects (or additional charges). The box took a bit of a beating, however. I also think I'd be a bit more confident with the compression resistance your system provides.

The modification was done by Waterford for the previous owner. The Paramount frame is an '89, and the couplers have performed flawlessly. Because it is a fixed gear, the assembly/reassembly process is quite fast and simple. I now run a front brake only, so there are no gear or rear brake cables involved.

It's a sweet riding bike and get lots of comments."
Elton Pope-Lance, cyclist on a Paramount retrofit by Waterford Precision Cycles

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