ariZona Tandems Davis Double Lite Flite

Davis Double Lite & Davis Double Lite Flite (with S and S Couplings)

"We took her out for a down hill test on a one mile 10% grade. The brakes worked great. It seems like the rotor got strong later into the ride. I only had to adjust the pads once, maybe because of initial cable stretch? We tried some 40mph downhill stops and were very happy with the overall stopping power and no rotor noise. More testing to follow. Well since we went down this hill that goes from the lighthouse at Cabrillio Monument on Point Loma down to the tidal ponds we had to climb up out. We do this hill as part over our local day ride so we are very aware of what it takes climb it. Both Sharon & I could not believe how fast and stiff your frame is. We were able to stand over 75% of the climb with Sharon not having any back problems. (we raised the stoker stem to the top of the captains seatpost giving Sharon lots of knee room.) :) We did a quick 30 mile ride on our local hills and were amazed with the ability to carry speed up hills like a single. "
Pat Fuge, San Diego on his Davis Double Lite Flite.

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