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Backpack Case

Combines airline use and maximum versatility. This is the case to choose if you are traveling to a destination where storage or transportation of a hard shell case is a problem. With the bike inside, it can be carried by the handle as normal luggage or as a backpack. When the bike is removed the case transforms into a regular size backpack that can be worn or easily carried on your rack. The case is made from 600x600- denier polyester with PVC backing and has four plastic perimeter panels that snap together to protect the 10" edge of the case. It also features four storage pockets that are 13" x 26" each. Two of these pockets are located side by side on each face of the case. When filled with clothing they form cushions that offer added protection for your bicycle as well as valuable storage space. The backpack straps unhook at the bottom and tuck into the pockets when not in use. The case with a bicycle inside measures 26" x 26" x 10" which meets the typical airline standard maximum size limit of 62" combined (length + width + thickness). When the bicycle is removed the case can be made smaller, by any amount, by pulling the 6 side straps tighter until it gets as small as 26" tall x 10" wide x 3" thick.Weight 8 lb. Approximate retail price is $265.00

Shows pockets filled with clothes to provide added cushion for the bike.

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