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Tube Covers

A tube cover partially installed.

Seven 007 Ti tandem with frame tube covers cut and installed on the frame prior to frame disassembly.
Photo courtesy of Cronometro, Madison, WI www.cronometro.com

Tube covers are used to prevent frame tubes and components from getting scratched when a bicycle is packed. They are made from foam that is sandwiched between nylon fabric and loop fabric. Covers come in 10 foot length and various widths (see table). A hook material is sewn on opposite side of the loop fabric along the entire 10 ft. length. Tube covers are custom fit to each frame by the builder or consumer by simply cutting a piece of material of sufficient length from the ten foot roll to cover any length tube. Once a flat piece of material is cut to the proper length, it is wrapped around the tube to form a protective sleeve that is held closed by the hook and loop material.  Leaving the cover extra long to protect the end of the S and S Coupling and its teeth is a good idea.



Fits *

Suggested Retail Price per 10 foot roll
4 inches Small seat and chain stays up to about .75" dia. $29.40
5 1/2  inches Fork blades and frame tubes up to 1 1/4" dia. $37.80
7 1/2  inches Frame tubes up to 1 3/4" dia. $48.30
9  inches Frame tubes up to 2" dia. $56.70

* It is possible to use a large tube cover on a small tube. 

A hose cut lengthwise provides additional protection from sharp cog teeth.

In areas of contact with sharp parts such as a freewheel cog or where two tubes cross, we recommend additional protection. This photo shows a piece of automotive heater hose that has been slit lengthwise along one side and slipped over the frame tube to provide additional protection. The frame tube covers are placed over the frame tube and hose (tube covers were removed for this photo).

Can I use water pipe insulation instead of tube covers?  Water pipe insulation works great if you have plenty of extra space inside of your case (that doesn't normally happen).  I have had many customers use it successfully, especially in backpack cases, however it is often the source of packing problems especially when using a hard case.  The thickness of the insulation ends up taking up so much room in the case that it may be difficult if not impossible to close the lid.

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