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TSA Compatible Luggage Padlocks

Using one of these padlocks will prevent the TSA inspectors from cutting your lock in order to inspect your luggage. If you use a regular padlock or locking latches, the TSA inspectors will use bolt cutters or whatever means they need to open your luggage for inspection. These locks have a special feature that allows inspectors to open your lock without damaging it. These are a must if you want to lock your case. (see the complete details below)

  BoomerangIt � TSA Lock with two keys
  • This TSA Lock advises traveler if TSA inspected bag 
  • TSA Lock reunites travelers with lost or stolen luggage worldwide 
  • TSA Lock includes complimentary Lifetime BoomerangIt� recovery service ($9.95 value) 
  • TSA lock's unique serial number is registered to BoomerangIt�, the leading lost and found service in the world. This serial number facilitates finder of lost bag reuniting lost bag & owner 
  • The practical solution to lost luggage 
  • Features a black rubberized coating 
  • Newest technology in luggage safety and security 
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 83 grams
  • Price $16.80
  TSA accepted padlock with two keys
  • Rust-proof brass TSA padlock - durable!
  • Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 0.5 in. (25 x 50 x 12 mm)
  • No combination to remember!
  • Each Safe Skies� brass padlock comes with 2 keys
  • Color: brass
  • Weight: 56 grams
  • Price: $9.45
  3 Dial Teal Sport TSA Accepted Lock�
  • Heavy Duty Combination Lock
  • 3 dial TSA Accepted Locks
  • Three (3) dial resettable combination lock
  • Jumbo dials - easy to see and operate! 
  • Color: teal green
  • Weight 97 grams
  • Price $11.55

Why one should use a Safe Skies Luggage Lock?
(text by Safe Skies LLC, New York, NY)

Nowadays luggage security and airport security are important issues at airports worldwide. Most travelers use luggage locks to secure their luggage and belongings. In fact, due to heightened security at airports in the United States and overseas, all checked luggage is inspected by airport security to ensure homeland security, airport security, and luggage security. This includes luggage search and luggage inspection. In the course of the checked baggage inspection process, checked luggage may need to be opened for luggage inspection. If your luggage is secured with a normal luggage lock, padlock, security strap, locking strap, luggage strap, Rucksack Lock, cable lock, combination padlock, combination lock, Case Lock, Special Lock, Brass Lock, Combo Lock, Shackle Lock, or combination lock and your checked bag needs to be opened for inspection, airport security is so determined to gain access to inspect that they will break the luggage lock to gain access to inspect your bag. The outcome of this luggage inspection is clipped locks and cut locks for travelers. Airport Security will include Notification of the Baggage Inspection in the form of a Notice of Baggage Inspection. This Notification of Baggage Inspection is done by TSA when the airport baggage screener cut locks. This process has led to an increase in TSA claims and the unlocked baggage problem created the need for a special travel lock or padlock, the TSA Approved Lock.

Even though the traveling public is mindful of luggage security and airport security, no traveler wants a clipped lock. It�s OK to lock your luggage with a TSA Luggage Lock! Travelers checked luggage can be secured with special travel locks, TSA Approved Locks, rather than having travelers locks clipped or luggage locks broken. If you secure your luggage with a padlock, cadena, candado, schloss, or with cadenas, candados, zahlenkombination, or kombinationsschloss, if you use a TSA padlock, a TSA lock, a TSA strap, a TSA cable lock, or a TSA combination padlock, then your luggage can remain secured during security inspections. The luggage locks must be security compliant, TSA Approved, TSA Accepted, TSA Recognized, or TSA certified.

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the entity responsible for screening checked luggage and inspecting baggage in the United States, has approved a special luggage lock, known as the TSA Lock. These luggage locks, TSA Locks, will not be clipped by airport security. TSA now suggests that travelers help prevent the need to break luggage locks, padlocks, security straps, locking straps, luggage straps, cable locks, combination padlocks, combination locks, Case Locks, Special Locks, Brass Locks, Combo Locks, Rucksack Locks, Shackle Locks, and combi locks by using a Safe Skies TSA lock. All Safe Skies TSA Locks can be opened by airport security and TSA baggage screeners using tools, such as TSA secured access devices, provided to airport security personnel. 

If you secure your luggage with a Safe Skies TSA Luggage Lock, then your bag can be accessed by airport security and your TSA Lock re-locked once the mandatory security inspection is complete. TSA Approved Luggage Locks are the official lock, approved lock, special lock of TSA. TSA Luggage Locks are travel locks approved by airport security.

Safe Skies LLC has a special agreement with The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and The United Kingdom's Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). All Safe Skies luggage locks are officially accepted and recognized by TSA and HMRC. TSA Certified Luggage Locks are Accepted Recognized and Approved by TSA.

Safe Skies luggage locks and combination padlocks will not be clipped. In the rare event that a Safe Skies TSA Lock or padlock is accidentally clipped or damaged, the Company stands behind its products and offers a lifetime warranty and hassle-free replacement policy for all of its TSA Locks and TSA padlocks. Travelers will not have broken locks!

Safe Skies TSA Locks are the only brand of TSA Accepted Locks protected by US patents 7,021,537 and 7,036,728. 
Safe Skies LLC, New York, NY

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