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1 1/4" X 14 3/4" - - 1 1/4" X 18 11/16" - - 5/8" X 16 9/16" - - 3/8" X 14 3/8"

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Size: Thick x Dia.

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Estimated Weight Each

0-99# Base price






1 1/4  x  18 11/16"



$ 78.93


$ 67.09

$ 63.14

$ 59.20

$ 55.25

1 1/4  x  14 3/4"



$ 49.18

$ 43.28

$ 41.80

$ 39.34

$ 36.89

$ 34.43

5/8" x 14 7/16" 4 holes...see* AD62x14.42 10.08# $22.98 $20.22 $19.53 $18.38 $17.25 $16.09

3/8  x  14 3/8" 3-holes..see*



$ 14.00

$ 12.32

$ 11.90

$ 11.20

$ 10.50

$ 9.80

5/16" x 16 3/4" 4 holes...see* AD31x16.75 6.72# $15.32 $13.48 $13.02 $12.26 $11.49 $10.72

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We sell only the material and sizes listed on this page.

* Aluminum Tooling Plate Table Notes:

More notes about this material:


Ordering aluminum from us:

More information about this material:

These machined round discs of aluminum Tool and Jig Plate are left over or surplus from a very large adjustable ball bearing that we manufacture on a regular basis. We use cast tooling plate because with this material, our part doesn't warp or distort at all due to machining. It is the most dimensionally stable aluminum that we have ever machined!

This Tool and Jig Plate could be from any of these three companies:

To get detailed technical specifications:

Visit the Mic-6 web site for the typical properties and tolerances of Mic-6. They also have a great tolerance comparison between 6061-T651 and Mic-6. Once you compare the tolerances for the two materials, you'll see one of the reasons why we like it. When you get to the web site, click on alphabetically then scroll down and click on Mic-6. The document is in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. If you don't have the software for reading PDF files, you can download it for free once you get there!

Typical uses:

prototypes, fixtures, templates, drill jigs , inspection fixtures, compression molds, bearing housings, vacuum chucks, machine bases, machinery (all types), packaging equipment, medical equipment, gages, indexing tables, printing equipment, robotic equipment, material for robot wars robots, x-ray machines, precision tables, frames, braces, electronic components, molds, gearboxes, turntables, instrumentation, surface plates, press plates, paper machines, dies, welding fixtures, assembly fixtures, bending fixtures, plastic bottle blow molds and the list goes on and on.. (Be sure to consult an engineer to determine if this material is suitable for your application)

The machinists in our shop like to bolt them to the top of a rotary table so they can:

We like it as a material for precision machined parts because:


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We sell only the material and sizes listed on this page.

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