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Lennard Zinn leading the climb

About Lennard Zinn:

President, Lennard Zinn
Author of the best-selling books: 
-"Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance" 
-"Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance" 
Also senior technical writer for VeloNews and velonews.com 

The biggest frame builder in existence builds big frames. Makes big sense! At 6'6" Lennard Zinn knows what it takes. Light, strong, stable and comfortable custom road and mountain bikes for people from 6'3" and up. 

If you are over 6'3", our Big and Tall Custom Bike may be the bicycle you have dreamed of but thought could not be found. You are well aware of the difficulties in finding a bicycle to fit you and perform well. I am 6'6" myself and have been building and designing frames for tall riders for over 30 years. Unlike shorter designers, I am able to ride big bikes and evaluate whether they perform to my standards, and I intimately appreciate the compromises in fit and performance that tall riders are traditionally asked to make. 

Custom Zinn frames for tall riders are built out of steel or titanium and are designed specifically to address the fit, rigidity, handling and shimmy problem that normally plague the bikes of tall riders. 

I am familiar with the shimmy and shake that many tall bicycles get at high speeds or riding with no hands, and I design my bikes to eliminate it. I know how whippy a tall frame can be standing or sprinting, and my designs address that as well. While being stiff, stable, and shimmy free, these frames are also built with the strongest available double-butted tubing-- True Temper OX Gold or with Ancotech titanium tubing. You get a long-lasting frame with a weight that belies its stiffness, strength and durability. 

As with all our frames, we won't let your bicycle out the door until it meets not only our high quality standards, but yours as well.

S and S Couplings

We are pleased to offer custom Zinn frames in steel or titanium with S&S couplers for ease of traveling. And, of course, since we cater to tall riders, this means that very tall customers, too, can have the convenience of traveling with their bike in an airline-legal-size case. The 26” X 26” X 10” hard case flies on any airline for no extra charge and rolls easily on a pair of wheels with a handle in front. 

These couplers are superbly designed and precision machined, whether in steel or titanium, to hold each tube together as strongly as if it were one piece. Naturally, we install them with impeccable workmanship into the tubes; we do this before mitering the tubes and building the frame. The couplers add some weight, but otherwise the ride quality of the bicycle is exactly the same. 
Zinn World Travel Bikes

When you ride a Zinn bike, you get a perfect fit combined with unmatched performance. So, when you’re traveling, why settle for a rental bike that doesn’t even come close to your own Zinn? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your bike with you without the hassle of huge bike cases and extra airline charges? Zinn World travel bikes outfitted with S&S couplers can be packed and unpacked in under 20 minutes into an airline-regulation suitcase. Any steel or titanium Zinn bike can be built as a take apart bike, and we can also retrofit S&S couplers into existing frames. S and S couplers do not take away any strength or performance from your Zinn bike and add a minor amount of weight. The Zinn/KGS travel stem and other Zinn features like multiple couplers on the top tube and down tube of tall bikes, and slotted guides and stops with in-line adjusters speed and simplify disassembly, packing, and reassembly and make ours the first fully-engineered travel bikes available. Click here to check out our packing instructions as well as our new video that goes into depth on the packing process.

  Road Bikes

Zinn Travel road bikes make a great performance road bike that can easily be checked onto an airplane. Our custom travel bikes eliminate the need to have a second bike for traveling. Other than a small increase in weight, our travel bikes perform the same as a custom road bike. Now you can be on your own bike anywhere in the world.The Dolomite World and Stelvio World are the big and tall travel road bikes that come standard with four couplers. Using the extra pair of S and S couplers allows the bike to be packed without removing the fork. This is strongly recommended for anyone over 6′3″. Our standard sized custom steel and titanium travel bikes come standard with two couplers. Our optional coupled stem also speeds up the packing process.

Mountain Bikes

We make steel and titanium hardtail travel mountain bikes as well as titanium full suspension travel bikes. The Big Sur World and The Titan World are our big and tall 29er travel hardtails and come standard with 4 couplers. The Terra titanium full suspension mountain bike can also be built as a travel bike with 2 or 4 couplers. Imagine arriving on a plane trip to a mountain bike destination and having your own high performance full suspension bike at your fingertips. This could give a whole new meaning to business travel. If you are not very tall, our steel and titanium 26″ wheeled hardtails can be built as travel bikes as well. The Tyrant titanium full suspension mountain bike is also available with couplers.

Cyclocross, Track, and Triathlon

As with all of our bikes, any steel or titanium frame can be outfitted with couplers. Using the Zinn/KGS travel stem can also allow for quick handlebar changes. For example, you could have one bike for road riding and for triathlons or TTs. Just get a Travel Stem with two stem mounts. You can now change between road and aero bars pretty easily.

Retrofit you existing bicycle

Turn your bike into a travel bike that packs easily into an airline regulation case. We can retrofit S&S couplers into your titanium or steel frame to make it a great travel bike. Zinn Cycles employs the very best framebuilders in the business so that you can be sure the quality of workmanship will be of the absolute highest quality. Special skill and care is needed when cutting into a frame and installing couplers to guarantee safety and perfect fit. You can be sure that your bike will fit and ride the same if we do the installation. We can also assure you that your bike will be completely safe to ride for the rest of it's life. Price includes couplers, labor, paint job, cable splitters and coupler wrench.

Built with 9 S&S Couplings, it separates into 4 sections
(one section is loose tubes)

Built with 4 S&S Couplings, it separates into 3 sections
(one section is loose tubes)
We can also build steel and titanium tandems with S and S couplers. Since we are very experienced with tall riders, we are great at building tandems for teams with tall captains and short stokers. With bigger tandems, it may be necessary to use 9 couplers, but standard size tandems come with 4 or 6 couplers.


Zinn Cycles video regarding their S and S Coupled travel bikes

Zinn travel bikes

Zinn travel bikes

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Customer Comment:

I asked Zinn if they could retrofit a titanium frame that would otherwise have gone on sale. I loved this frame, but it was hanging in the garage. Zinn did some fast and beautiful work turning my old bike into a new machine in less than 2 weeks. I immediately took the bike to Mexico and walked right onto the plane without ANY hassles about extra luggage or huge bike boxes. OUTSTANDING! Now I ride this bike and others are hanging in the garage. Great craftsmanship by Zinn Cycles, and awesome Couplers that make travel a breeze.

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Zinn Cycles, Inc.
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Phone: 303-499-4349
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