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Installing the Coupling Nut


Step: 1  Apply Finish Line Extreme Fluoro Grease to the shoulder inside the nut where it contacts the retainer ring then slide the nut onto the ring lug.

The ring lug shown with the nut removed.

The ring lug with the nut in place.

Step 2: spread the end of the retainer ring slightly and insert one end into the groove. Work the ring into the grove with your fingers.

Two views of a single retainer ring.

The ring half installed onto the lug.

Step 3: It may be necessary to use a small screwdriver to lift the end of the ring over the lug teeth so it can enter the groove. Be sure that the ring is seated in the groove.  If the ring isn't seated, the nut will not pull forward.

The first ring is in the groove but not pushed back yet.

Step 4: Use a screw driver or similar tool and push the ring to the back of the groove. This step will allow enough room for the second ring to be installed.

The first ring pushed to the back of the groove.

Step 5: Install the second using the same method used to install the first ring. The nut will slide forward over both rings if they are properly seated.

Step 6: Lubricate the threads with Finish Line Extreme Fluoro Grease.

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