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Removing the Coupling Nut


Step 1: Slide the coupling nut back to expose the first retaining ring.

The assembled ring lug and nut (nut pulled back to expose the ring)

The ends of the ring are visible in this view.

Step 2: Use a pointed tool such as a knife, very small screwdriver or scribe to hook under the finger on the ring and gently lift / pry it out of the groove. Caution do not over-bend the ring while taking it out of the groove. Lift it only enough to clear the coupling.

A close up view of the ring
 Note the finger on the end of the ring. It is used to lift it from the groove.


The ring is lifted and pulled out of the groove.

Step 3: Once the end of the ring is out of the groove, gently work the rest of the ring out of the groove with your fingers. Work around the coupling until it's removed. Caution do not to over-bend the ring. Each ring wraps around the coupling two complete revolutions,720 degrees.

The ring half way removed (one revolution, 360 degrees)

The first ring has been removed.

Step 4:  Pull the nut forcefully toward the teeth (this causes the second ring to move to the front of the groove)  then slide the nut back to expose the second ring.

The nut pulled forward to move the second ring to the front of the groove.

The second ring after pulling it to front of the groove.

Step 5: remove the second ring using the same technique used to remove the first ring. Note: Be careful not to push the second ring to the back of the groove otherwise it may get trapped under the nut which will prevent its removal. 

The second ring half removed (360 degrees)

Both rings removed

Step 6: Slide the nut off the ring lug.

The ring lug with the nut removed.

Two views of a single retainer ring.

Step 7: Clean the nut, lug and rings with a clean rag or tissue. Most common solvents won't remove DuPont TeflonŽ Bearing Grease so wiping is required.  An old toothbrush works great to force tissue into the threads to clean them well. Be sure to grease the coupling with DuPont TeflonŽ Bearing Grease before installing the nut.

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