New Buildings Under Construction
Many of these photos were taken from the roof of our existing building

This aerial photo of our property shows the street, existing building and the location of the 3 new buildings.

Grading in preparation for the 3 slabs.

Pouring the slabs.

Our old parking lot was removed and the underground construction is almost done.

The rain begins!

After a dry spell, the rough grading is completed.

Rain and mud just prior to framing.

Framing progress is slow with less than desirable working conditions.

The last stages of framing.

The first building with the exterior completed.

Exterior completed on all three buildings

Everything is still muddy.


Jay at work and play

Concrete completed.

Asphalt near completion

We're getting close!

Our original building to the left of the 3 new buildings

Satellite view after completing construction

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