GREENSPEED GTS 20/20 sports touring tricycle

This trike is built with three BTCs. One coupling can be seen in the main tube directly under the seat. The other two are located near the top of the seat stays. The seat is a structural part of the frame and it bolts to the frame in the front.

The whole trike packed into one 32" x 24" x 12" standard suitcase.

Background information:

This is a photo of the first single trike built using S and S BTCs. It is a modified GTS, sport tourer. The GTC model described on this page is descendant of this trike.  In addition to the GTC model, Greenspeed is introducing the GTO model which will have only one BTC but will fit into the same size case.

Click here to see the photo and description of the new Greenspeed GTO

Text provided by Greenspeed:

Want to take your trike on holidays with you in a suit case? Then this is the trike for you! We started with our most popular GTR touring trike, and then made it so it could pack down for travel. The GTC uses S&S Machine's Bicycle Toque Couplings - These stainless steel CNC machined couplings, with their interlocking tapered teeth, are actually stronger and stiffer than the Cro Mo 4130 tubes of the trike itself. Thus, unlike most folding cycles, the GTC Travel Trike actually handles slightly better that the GTR from which it is derived. It can be packed into one case 32" x 24" x 12", which reduces the cost of air freight to USA or Europe from $700AU to $400AU Or for travel it can be packed into two standard size suit cases 32" x 24" x 9" and 28" x 20" x 8" with plenty of room for clothes and other luggage.

To pack the trike down, the seat is detached by removing the bolt from the front of the seat, and undoing the two small couplings at the rear of the seat. Then the wheels and the crank extension are removed, and the frame splits in two, by undoing the large coupling just behind the handle bars. The handle bars then fold down, and the main "X" of the frame fits in the suitcase with all the steering and brakes still connected. The rear of the frame, and crank extension fit around it, then the three wheels fit on top. This leaves only the seat which will fit into a second smaller case, along with your clothes and other baggage. Thus you can travel by plane with two normal suit cases, and no one will even know your are packing a trike, much less charge you for excess baggage.

There is a video available which shows how the trike is dismantled, packed, and then re-assembled.

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